It has been thirty years since the July 4 Grateful Dead, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Bob Dylan concert outside of Buffalo, NY.  I traveled a long way with two friends to get to that show and have subsequently met a bunch of people from my neck of the woods who also went.

I have many crystal clear memories from that event while other moments have faded.  For example, although I have absolutely no memory of this twenty minute drum solo, I can totally recall—in all their sartorial splendour—each and every piece of clothing that the members of the Dead wore:


Actually, in hindsight, many questions linger about the overall fashion of that day (along with a few answers) including:

  1. Bob Dylan wore that iconic, red shirt that states unequivocally:  “This is Buffalo; July 4, 1986.”  But what kind  of material was it made from?  I don’t know, but I think it’s probably mentioned in the Bible.
  2. Was Stan Lynch a fan of Miami Vice?
  3. I live in Canada and over the years have done a lot of work outdoors in the freezing cold; other than that scenario, can anyone describe a solid, practical use for fingerless gloves?
  4. Did Tom Petty’s jeans make his bum look flat?
  5. Did Mr. Dylan’s outfit clash with his backing-vocal group?
  6. Was that one of those “radical”, PLO scarves?  No.
  7. What happened to my shirt that day?  I have no idea.
  8. What type of footwear, exactly, was Bob Weir wearing with his shorts and socks ensemble?    CHECK ONE:  a.  Shoes      b.  Sneakers     c.  Slippers


A reviewer from Pittsburgh seemed to enjoy the event.  (Clearly, he didn’t have to cross the border 45 minutes after it was over.)

This archive is a reflection back on an interesting and independent day.


“Who ordered these pants, man?”

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